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NORS1002 for treatment and prevent of Cold & Flu 


The overall costs of cold and the flu in the U.S. are estimated to be $40 billion and $87 billion, respectively. The OTC market stands at $8 billion in the U.S. alone. Global sales of flu vaccines are over $3 billion, and global sales of Oseltamivir peaked at over $3 billion and its effectiveness is diminishing due to the emergence of resistant viral strains. Even though antibiotics have no effect on viruses, 41 million prescriptions are written for cold sufferers each year at a cost of $1.1 billion, with more than one-third of patients who visit a doctor receiving an antibiotic prescription.

Viruses mutate faster than bacteria, so currently approved antivirals are only effective for a limited time before resistance inhibits their effectiveness.

In 2011, the SaNOtize team worked under a US DARPA Grant to determine if NO would be an effective treatment for influenza and other respiratory viruses as this could be a very important potential treatment in a related biological attack or widely applied to mitigate a pandemic. This study successfully used an in-vitro model to examine the time dependency of NO treatment of an array of 14 viruses, representing 6 out of the7 Baltimore Classifications. The SaNOtize team then published a 2013 study showing that NO reduces influenza infectivity in vitro. Results showed that when virions were exposed to gNO prior to infection a complete inhibition of infectivity was achieved for all three strains under study. Post-infection exposure was shown to result in inhibition of up to 90%.

Our in-vitro studies are indicating that NORS may be effectively delivered as nasal spray to prevent the common cold and flu.