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NORS0791 for Onychomycosis  


NORS2791 product candidate will be a topical formulation of NORS for the treatment of onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the toenail. The NORS will be delivered via a device.

Onychomycosis begins in the nail bed and progresses to the nail plate, causing the nail to become discolored, deformed, and even separated from the nail bed. It can cause pain, discomfort, and disfigurement and may produce serious physical and occupational limitations, as well as reducing quality of life. Symptoms include yellowed, brittle, thickened nails that are unsightly and can become painful. It is estimated that 35MM Americans will be afflicted. The fungus, Trichophyton rubrum is the most common dermatophyte involved in onychomycosis.

The US Onychomycosis market has been assessed as a steadily growing market in the coming future and it is expected that the market will have high demand in the USA. The market is expected to reach $5bn by 2021. Some generic topical agents, have achieved $125MM in peak US sales.

NORS has been shown to be highly effective in eradicating T. rubrum, both in-vitro and in human POC trial. In addition to its fungicidal properties, SaNOtize's Onychomycosis treatment is expected to act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce associated symptoms.