Vancouver, BC, Canada


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Dr. Gilly Regev, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Experienced entrepreneur with 10 years in the start-up world.  As a senior executive, co-led efforts to develop and conduct clinical trials, create intellectual property and correspond with regulatory authorities (Health Canada and FDA).

Over 20 years of research in biochemistry, analytic chemistry and microbiology with 10 years in the field of nitric oxide, leading research teams.


PhD in Biochemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

 Dr. Chris Miller, PhD, BA, RT

 CSO, Co-Founder

A pioneer in nitric oxide technology and therapeutic research (over 25 years) and a visionary founder and CEO of Pulmonox Research and Development Corporation (1993) based on nitric oxide gas as a platform technology.


Expertise in Human Clinical Trials.  Experience in IP, regulatory and management.


Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Respiratory Division, UBC. 


PhD in Experimental Medicine and degrees in Health Management and Respiratory Therapy.